About Us

CE  Message:

By the grace of Almighty and sincere endeavors of each team member from the very top of the hierarchy to the bottom, I am full of gratitude that a very small business that started in 1997 with limited resources, has now emerged as a major player of import and distribution in the region. In 2010, the journey of progress has taken Qureshi Enterprises (QE) to the next level when we launched our new company ABU Farees (ABF), in UAE. 

QE is a trendsetter in imports and distribution of pet food, culinary and edible products. We are the pioneers of importing and distributing of Pet food, us well us among the top Importers and distributors of FMCG products in Pakistan. QE has become a force to be reckoned with and on its own a unique enterprise that created business through value addition in the form of solutions needed by customers and the market.

The journey to the top has always been difficult but with our ever-evolving business model that seeks excellence in whatever we opt for along with a team of highly motivated people, we are continuously stepping towards growth, profitability, and new ventures. I am determined that we will achieve all of our goals in the upcoming future.

Mr. Muhammad Fahim Qureshi


To lead & improve the quality of both human and pet’s life by growing world’s sustainability.



  •   To provide our customers with the best possible products in the consumer industry.
  •   To promote team spirit among our employees whilst maintaining their individuality.
  •   To work today for a better tomorrow through new product development and sound business.



We believe in elaborate planning and well thought out strategy before stepping into action. The guiding principle may be summed up simply as “FIRST PLAN YOUR WORK, THEN WORK YOUR PLAN”.

When it comes to distribution, a proper evaluation of outlets is carried out and product placement in shops is decided after careful consideration of the brand requirements. The organized system of logistics and distribution right from demand, procurement, and distribution through the centralized warehousing in Karachi, ensures uninterrupted deliveries to over 1200 sale points in Karachi alone and to more than 6,000 stores countrywide. This provides us with a competitive edge and an added advantage in the market where most of the brands often suffer from irregular and uncontrolled sources of supplies. We believe in long-term investment in the form of human resource development, building infrastructure fixed capital and future planning.



o   Customer-focused

o   Global Team Player

o   Open Communication

o   Receptive to change

o   Innovation

o   Integrity

o   Results Driven